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Fitness brought to you in the comfort of your own home, gym, or other personal space.

Health clubs and gyms today can sometimes be quite busy, you might find yourself waiting to use the equipment especially during peak hours. The machinery may be intimidating and you’re not quite sure how to use them correctly. Maybe truthfully you have low self esteem in crowded gyms. Perhaps your day was stressful and by the time you get yourself to the gym, you have lost your inspiration to train.

If you find yourself agreeing to any of these points, then let these be issues of the past. You need to look no further, as Lee-Fit is the online personal trainer for you, that will give you a fitness workout anywhere that is suitable for you.

Personalized sessions will be designed for you, that will assist in guiding you through each step of the whole process, and these sessions will be based on fitness assessments that will be carried out on each individual. These sessions will ensure that you reach your fitness goals, provided you stick to the plans.


For many years, I always had an interest in Health & Fitness, whether it was school sports, general exercising and eating healthy, I took a keen interest in it.
In 2016, I took my interest in Health & Fitness to the next level. I decided to become a certified personal trainer, so I could share my passion of fitness with others, to guide individuals to become healthy and quite literally re-shape their lives.
What makes me slightly different in my training, is that I am online.

Lee-Fit takes into consideration, everybody that wants to invest in their health and fitness. I truly believe that choosing to be fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice, therefore at Lee-Fit, I strive to give a rewarding experience to everyone and implement precise techniques and workouts.
Exercise and training should always be performed correctly, by a qualified trainer to avoid injuries and to achieve the best results possible, especially when it comes to form and technique.

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